It is just 2 full cycles of the seasons since your ships sighted the land which you now call home. Memories of your former lives are still strong, friends lost, families left behind and homes destroyed.  When the fires came only the strongest, the fastest, and the lucky were able to reach the ships in harbour, carrying the most basic of possessions.

This desperate scene was repeated in all ports stretching for hundreds of miles along the now burning coastline, as people divided by culture and belief became as one, united by their survival instinct. And thus a great mass of vessels headed west. War galleys, merchant ships, fishing boats, packed across their decks with desperate folk. Many sank, their unfortunate cargo consumed by the ocean, and many more were left drifting after disease and hunger claimed the occupants.  But the hardy, the resourceful, and the lucky eventually caught sight of land.  A welcome carpet of greenery, and lush forest, and new hope was born.

Summerland, as it was immediately dubbed by the self-styled captain of the first ship to land safely, a direct and imposing man by the name of Theyr, proved to be all the refugees had dreamt of throughout their long months drifting the ocean. Fresh water was in abundance, game plentiful, and the land fertile. Woodland was quickly cleared to create dwellings, larger ships were broken up for extra resources, and the town of Firsthaven was founded at the mouth of a river. As more groups of refugees landed, so they joined in the efforts. Some headed north and south along the coast and formed smaller communities, while a small number of Halflings focussed their efforts on farming.  Theyr gathered together a group of the hardiest men and headed inland, following the course of the river.

Ores were found in the western hills, copper, some iron, a little silver, and more small settlements quickly sprung up along the course of the river.  One grew to a good size and was named Theyr's Crossing, in honour of the now-revered pioneer.  Positioned at a shallow point in the river's route, roughly 10 miles inland from Firsthaven, Theyr's Crossing now serves as a place of respite for miners heading to and from their toils, and is a handy stopping point for barges bringing cargo of ore downriver.

That so much can be achieved in just 2 years is testament to the resourcefulness of Humans, not to mention a few Little Folk.

But recently, there has been an air of unease. Scouts exploring the hills have seen signs of past civilisation, ancient ruins have been sighted, long abandoned mine-workings too.  A gold coin, apparently centuries old and bearing markings in an unknown script was unearthed by farmers preparing new fields. Others have clearly dwelt in The Summerland in times past, maybe their descendants still do, and if so, how would they react to having their lands colonised by outsiders?